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O'Lily vom Zeitzgrund

Femelle Red Smoke

Female Red Smoke

née le /  born 11/05/2019

Femelle, Maine Coon, 95

Junari's Hexana

Femelle Black Tortie et Blanc

Female Black Tortie and White

née le  / born 28/11/2016

Osaka de KawaiCoon

Femelle Black Smoke

Female Black Smoke

née le  / born 21/04/2018

Pain d'Epices de Mourre-Frais

Mâle Crème Blotched Tabby 

Male Cream Blotched Tabby

né le / born 27/07/2019

Femelle, Maine Coon, 95, Paris

Morning Glory Bloody Mary

Femelle Black Tortie

Female Black Tortie

née le / born 17/01/2016

Palace de KawaiCoon

Mâle Bleu

Male Blue Solid

né le / born 26/06/2019

Chatte, Maine Coon, Cergy, Val d'oise

Wendy vom Zeitzgrund

Femelle Bleue 

Female Blue Solid

née le / born 06/01/2017

Foto 11-03-19 23 19 11.jpg

Olympe de KawaiCoon

Femelle Bleu Tortie Blotched Tabby et Blanc

Female Blue Tortie BlotchedTabby and white

née le / born 11/03/2018